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timer for the digital age.

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Timeva is available now for macOS and windows.

Timeva timer app has endless customizationsTimeva timer app has endless customizations

Time is your most
important resource

Let's face it, your time is your life.

When you manage your time, you manage your life.


Timeva was built for...

  • 💻 Coders
  • 🎨 Designers
  • 📹 Video Editors
  • 🤳 Content creators
  • 🌎 All Digital doers

that know that time management is THE key to long term success.


Most timers are static, opinionated, and single purposed. Your timer should be flexible and dynamic to help you manage your schedule and lifestyle.

Timeva timer app has hotkeys settings and moreTimeva timer app has hotkeys settings and more

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The timer built for the Digital age

TIMEVA is the hyper customizable yet simplistic productivity timer built for the digital age.

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It's time to take control of your time.

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