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Introducing Timeva - Manage your time your way

Simplistic, customizable productivity timer for your digital work


It's time to take control of your time

Let's face it, your time is your life and the harsh truth is that you're always running out of time.

In the digital age, everyone wants your time and your attention.

It doesn't matter if it's your friends, family, boss, tv, computer, or phone the truth is everyone wants a slice of your time.

In the digital age where your attention is a commodity, it's never been more important to manage your time.

Timeva was built for this very reason. To help you manage your time your way, in the digital age.

Timeva logo

Introducing Timeva. The simple, customizable productivity timer built for the digital age

Timeva is an unopinionated, simple, and customizable timer built for the digital age.

Here are 3 ways Timeva is being used to help digital builders manage their time.

  1. Distractionless work/study period

    Remove all distractions around you and set a timer for 30 minutes. Don't let anything distract you during this period. You'll be amazed at how much you accomplish. Coding with timeva
  2. Timebox your video editing

    Some tasks can go on forever if you're not keeping track.
    Set an hour-long timer and minimize Timeva into micro mode so you can visualize how much time you're spending. Video editing with timeva in micro mode
  3. Take breaks and come back stronger

    Breaks are super underrated. No wonder there's so much burn out. Sometimes the best thing to do is stop, take a break, and come back stronger. Set a 15 minute timer to relax and watch YouTube or step away for a bit. Take a break with timeva

Take control of your time

We're just scratching the surface of all the ways you can use Timeva to manage your time and your life.

Timeva was built for digital doers like you. Get started free, today.