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Timeva v2 is here

LETSS GOOOOOO. Manage your time and stay focused with Timeva v2.



Timeva has one purpose, to help you focus on your work and studies by giving you the best way to visualize and manage your most important resource: Your Time.

Timeva v2...

Is here at last.

Timeva v2 gives you FIVE new tools to help you manage Your Time.

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Activity Tags

Activity tags are simple. They give you options to choose from as you type out your activity. Save your time as your most common activities pop up by default even before you type. That's not all, keep scrolling and see how activity tags enable Pomodoro Chaining and Timesheets.


Pomodoro Chaining

While you're working & studying, you don't work on just one task. You work on several tasks back to back. So why not have a timer app that lets you chain together your tasks? We're excited to present Pomodoro Chaining.

Pomodoro Chaining allows you to chain together your tasks back to back so you can plan your day and get to work. Set a 15-minute timer to warm up, then a 1-hour timer to work, and then a 10-minute timer to chill. With Pomodoro Chaining, you can customize your schedule anyway you like.



Timesheets are a great way to visualize your time. They give you a quick overview of your day and help you see where you're spending your time. With Timeva v2, you can now create timesheets for any day in the past.

Export your timesheets and use them in your personal reports. See how much time you spent on a project, or how much time you spent on a task.

Timeva timesheet feature

Improved Pricing

When we first launched Timeva, we messed up big time by locking certain features under a 5 minute time limit. We want to give new Timeva users the FULL experience of Timeva before decide to purchase.

So we've removed the 5 minute time limit and made Timeva free for everyone for 30 days. We've also made Timeva's premium features more affordable. When you try Timeva v2 you'll have plenty of time to learn exactly what it can do to improve your time management.

Timeva improved pricing feature

Windows Support

It was so painful to launch Timeva without Windows support. We've been working hard to bring Timeva to Windows, and we're excited to announce that Timeva v2 is now available on Windows.

Timeva windows support feature

Manage your time and stay focused with Timeva v2

We're incredibly thankful for all the feedback and downloads Timeva has received so far and we're excited to finally release Timeva v2. We hope you enjoy using Timeva v2 as much as we enjoy building it (and using it).

Download in seconds and let us know what you think.

Mangage your time and stay focused with Timeva v2.